Frequently Asked Questions

Our pool has been abandoned for some time, what can I do?

Swimming pools need constant chlorination. Without chlorine your pool will quickly go green and without proper help it will progressively get worse as the algae reproduces. In some cases your pool will need to be drained, water blasted or acid washed to remove years of algae and calcium build up.

Should you be faced with such a problem it is best to call your pool technician immediately,green pools breed insects such as mosquitoes and also harbour disease and bacteria. To bring your pool back up to scratch give us a call.

Why my pool is green?

The main reason for a green pool is a lack of chlorine or incorrect water balance. This is generally caused by poor water maintenance, equipment failure, high dirt load or extreme weather conditions. Should you find your pool green the best course of action is to first ensure your skimmer and pump baskets are clean. Do a visual check to ensure everything is working and have your water tested. Or give us a call and leave it to the pro’s. We can turn your green pool blue again within a matter of days.

If your pool is green, superchlorinate the pool at the rate of 4 times the daily dose for a slightly green pool to 7 times the daily dose for a green and cloudy pool. A polymer based algaecide would also assist in this process and constant filtration is crucial to clearing the pool as soon as possible.

Why my pool is cloudy?

Your pool goes cloudy for various reasons – lack of chlorine, incorrect water balance or poor filtration. Have your water tested and ensure your water chemistry is correct, if it is then it may be a good idea to give us a call. Cloudy water can be caused by faulty filtration equipment. Sand, cartridges and DE Filters all need regular servicing and failing to do this can render them useless. Filter media also needs to be changed periodically and if cloudy water persists you should consult our professional pool technicians.

My Automatic Pool Cleaner has stopped what can I do?

Automatic pool cleaners stop for various reasons. Most commonly a blockage or equipment failure is the cause. Firstly check that the skimmer and pump baskets are clear of debris. Check that your pool pump is operating and water is flowing freely throughout the system. Assuming the pump is running properly it is usually best to consult a professional as there are many variables and parts may be required.

What Causes Black spot algae and how do I get rid of it?

Black spot is generally caused by poor circulation, high pH levels, low chlorine and high phosphate levels in your pool. Once it has become established it is very hard to get rid of entirely without draining and water blasting the pool. As a general rule, if you get a little black spot hit it hard with Tri Chlor Black Spot Treatment. If it gets out of control call us for a quick and easy solution.

Can anything be done to stop ducks using my pool?

Ducks can be a serious problem in some areas. There are several products available most well known is No More Ducks. These products are effective with particular attention needed to ensure correct dosage for your pool. Should ducks persist in your pool consult your pool professional, sometimes the most effective method of deterring ducks is to simply chase them off. Ducks seem to find a place they consider safe and stick with it, scare them off a few times and generally they’ll move on.