LBPs has been providing the ongoing cleaning and servicing of my pool for the past 10 years. Recent major repair was required due to our pool heater failing. I would recommend them to anybody in our area for all pool and spa related services. Their professionalism, responsiveness, quality of work, and price have been exceptional through the years. They are a wonderful constant in our lives when it comes to a wonderfully maintained and beautiful pool!

Mark Willson

We were using a different pool service. They were unreliable and didn’t provide adequate cleaning. The pool turned green most of the time. I called around and found LBPs. They were very nice to work with, dependable and succeeded in getting our pool back in shape. I highly recommend them.

Lou Gentile

I thought I would take the time today to let you know how pleased I am with the pool service I am receiving from LBPs. Our pool has never looked so good and the staff members are extremely efficient. This is something I dont usually do as it is so easy to only complain but rarely compliment good service. Thank you!

Paul Harper

I contacted Light Blue Pools, they responded quickly, made time for us…
We have since kept them on for the regular maintenance and they always provide prompt service, full detailed reports for myself and the body corporate and are on call to help if ever anything goes wrong. I have appreciated their work and would definitely recommend their services.

John Smith

Thanks LBPs! We had a BBQ and pool party scheduled for the weekend before a big holiday. When our pool pump failed just 4 days before the big event — we thought we had a major disaster on our hands. We knew you offered great cleaning services but didn’t realize you were also the “fix-it” people. We could not be any happier with your service. You truly went above and beyond to make sure our party was on schedule.
Everything was great (except for the burnt burgers!).
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anthony Hart